At Cal-Spec, one of our favorite services is in the design process. This is where we collaborate and build ideas with our clients. Whether you are working off of a set of plans, or just updating to your dream finishes, we'd be happy to share our option ideas and expertise for your exciting new project.


At Cal-Spec, the customer always comes first! The build / remodel process is where remarkable design transformations take shape and come to life. We take great care in our responsibility to you--our client--by working closely with your direction, while keeping a strict watch over every stage of the building process---ensuring quality control, keeping your project clean, on budget, and providing an on-time operation. With our construction team, you can rest easy during a potentially stressful process knowing your build / remodel project is in capable hands.


We offer the very best professional home inspections because, with our decades of experience, we know precisely what we're doing. We believe in transparency through home inspection. Meaning, we provide comprehensive, easy to read, detailed reports, using multiple videos and photos for a clear understanding of your investment. In addition, we use infrared imaging technology so that we can find things that are unseen to the naked eye.